#StackBounty: #ubuntu #postgresql #zabbix #zabbix-agent usernamepassword in zabbix agent config file for Postgres monitoring?

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reading the guide on configuring Agent 2 for Postgres Monitoring with Zabbix

it mentions … "Set the user name and password in host macros ({$PG.USER} and {$PG.PASSWORD}) if you want to override parameters from the Zabbix agent configuration file."

I’m curious how to go about setting the usernamepassword in the zabbix_agent2.conf file so I’m not having to have them stored as macros on the zabbix server?

With Ubuntu at least, it doesn’t create a /var/lib/zabbix directory to put a .pgpass file, so I went ahead and did that, but it doesn’t appear to be picking up those login credentials.

I’d like to get stats on Replication, which requires superuser, so I’m wanting to keep the credentials on the postgres server itself.

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