#StackBounty: #social-psychology #motivation Is it impossible to achieve goals which we say to everyone?

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Some sources (eg, 1, 2) suggest that public goal setting can increase motivation for goal achievement through social contracting, and fear of public failure.

However, other sources (eg, 1, 2) argue that stating goals publicly can have a counterproductive effect – the social reward of goal-stating itself can be its own ends, reducing motivation for actually pursuing the goal.

Under what circumstances does goal-sharing help or hinder success?

Additionally, is it impossible to achieve those publicly stated goals? For example: If someone has already said their life goals, then what to do? (This is in addition to second part of the question)

There’s a similar question here, but this question is entirely different, as it also tries to find out ways, to achieve our goal, even if someone publicly stated them.

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