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I have two numpy arrays "Elements" and "nodes". My aim is to gather some data of these arrays.
I need to replace "Elements" data of the two last columns by the two coordinates contains
in "nodes" array. The two arrays are very huge, i have to automate it.

This posts refers to an old one: Replace data of an array by 2 values of a second array

with a difference that arrays are very huge (Elements: (3342558,5) and nodes: (581589,4)) and the previous way out does not work.

An example :

import numpy as np

Elements = np.array([[1.,11.,14.],[2.,12.,13.]])

nodes = np.array([[11.,0.,0.],[12.,1.,1.],[13.,2.,2.],[14.,3.,3.]])

results = np.array([[1., 0., 0., 3., 3.],
[2., 1., 1., 2., 2.]])

The previous way out proposed by hpaulj

e = Elements[:,1:].ravel().astype(int)

I, J = np.where(e==n[:,None])

results = np.zeros((e.shape[0],2),nodes.dtype)
results[J] = nodes[I,:1]
results = results.reshape(2,4)

But with huge arrays, this script does not work:
DepreciationWarning: elementwise comparison failed; this will raise an error in the future

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