#StackBounty: #windows #memory-leak #poolmon ntoskrnl.exe leaks with pooltag TIsn?

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Some strange things are happening with my setup. I have Windows server 2019 installed inside VMWare Workstation. Windows version: 1809 Build 17763.1457, VMWare Version: 15.5.6. Hardware: old Xeon X5670 dual CPU server with the same Windows version.

After I’ve launched my heavily network and CPU consuming application, nonpaged pool starts rapidly growing. It keeps growing until the system completely hangs or I stop the application. After I stop the application nonpaged pool keeps the same value and doesn’t decrease.

Poolmon shows that my RAM is consumed by mysterious tag TIsn. The only file in Windows folder that contains such symbols is ntoskrnl.exe.

There is absolutely no info on internet about such pool tag.
Any ideas please?

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