#StackBounty: #fedora #x11 #nvidia #xfce #session XFCE displays login screen on wrong monitor

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I am running Fedora XFCE with an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti that is connected via 3 cables to 2 monitors.

Display port is connected twice to the same monitor (for PBP)
HDMI is connected to another monitor

Display Port 1 of my Monitor is the primary screen in XFCE, whereas Display Port 2 of my Monitor is disabled in my XFCE session. However, the login comes before I am a logged in user where the x settings are loaded, so somehow, it is always displayed on Display Port 2.

When I go into the Nvidia settings, I can see that the disabled monitor is DP-0 and the primary monitor is DP-4. However, like I said, in the monitor it’s in DP-1 and DP-2, so where does DP-0 and DP-4 come from and why are they reversed? Is there a way to change this easily?

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