#StackBounty: #migration Why does step 2 in migrating files to media fail?

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I am doing a migration as per this example https://www.drupal.org/project/migrate_file_to_media/issues/3118471. Migration and step 1 work fine, I get this error when running step 2.

Missing bundle for entity type node (/var/www/html/docroot/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/ContentEntityStorageBase.php:108)

The migration file I am using contains the following lines.

# This migration links the newly created media entities with entity reference field on the target bundle.
id: migd8_blog_media_step2
label: blog Media Mapping
  key: migrate
  plugin: d7_node
  node_type: blog_entry
  plugin: entity:node
  nid: nid
  changed: changed
    plugin: file_id_lookup
    source: field_main_image
    migration: migd8_blog_media_step1
    no_stub: true
  - migd8_node_blog
  - migd8_blog_media_step1

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