#StackBounty: #18.04 #unity #mouse #system Mouse clicks do not work for native ubuntu apps or when open folder/file from third-party apps

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I can not open files or folders from apps like rstudio, typora or chrome. As shown below, when I click "open folders" from typora, the dark grey box will pop up. However, all the buttons do not respond to mouse click except the ‘Cancel’, so that I can not switch folders or select a file.

enter image description here

Similarly, when I open the settings from top menu bar, all the buttons do not respond except the option to close it. If I move the window, it appears as follows:

enter image description here

Restart will temporarily solve the problem. But It will start behaving like this again several days later.

I can’t find a solution on the web. Any help is appreciated.

What I have tried:

I renamed .gnome .gnome2 .gconf (the other two folders were not found) following this link.

Clear cache following this link.

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