#StackBounty: #20.04 Deepin movie doesn't work in ubuntu 20.04

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I installed deepin-movie from the official repository but it’s not working, when I’m openning it from terminal I get these errors:

probeHwdecInterop "" ""
"dtkwidget" can not find qm files
"deepin-movie" can not find qm files
configPath "/home/mohammad/.config/deepin/deepin-movie/config.conf"
create config "/home/mohammad/.config/deepin/deepin-movie/config.conf"
[1]    10647 segmentation fault (core dumped)  deepin-movie

This is the output of deepin-movie --version:

probeHwdecInterop "" ""
deepin-movie 3.2.7

I tried to install deepin-movie-reborn with apt but it says unable to locate.

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