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At work, we are developing programs, each developer having his own private VM under CentOS.
I disconnect my session at the end of the day, then the next morning I start Remote Desktop under Windows and join it again.

But today, I went on a different Windows workstation, with lower resolution display.
I started my remote session with Remote Desktop as usual in direction of CentOS who led me to another, old, already opened session of mine that I started one month before…
I was troubled. I disconnected, came back to my previous workstation and retrieved the one I was expecting.

Question 1 : How this behavior explains itself?

Question 2 : How to drop my old session from the main one?

When I do a who command from my main session, I see myself + a number of me equals to the number of shell I have opened with KConsole.

How can I list how many others session like the one I found today are still opened and how can I close them?

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