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I want to write an article in English mingled with Syriac script in emacs, when I hit list-input-methods the script is not shown, or at least I couldn’t identify this language in the displayed list. However, I am using a machine running Linux Ubuntu and I could add that language keyboard easily and it is designated Syriac or syc. I could use the same script in LibreOffice Writer using specific fonts for this language. My question how to add a new input method for this language in my init.el file?
I would be very grateful for your help and directions to achieve this goal.

In this EmacsWiki I could find input methods for ancient languages, but again I couldn’t see one for Syriac. It is just hard to believe that Syriac language given its dominance in history could not get similar attention.

The Syriac language is from right-to-left language and it has the iso 15924 designation in UTF-18 and it has the unicod range
U+0700–U+074F Syriac

U+0860-U+086F Syriac

more info here


my init.el setup for Hebrew language (again Right-to-Left) input method is shown below, this way I could still use Emacs keystrokes (shortcuts) regardless of whatever language you use which is the desired outcome. Otherwise, I would switch back and forth between languages in Linux Hebrew while writing and English then to use Emacs keystrokes which otherwise won’t work when Hebrew is in place so I have to I switch keyboards quite often during writing making it impractical and very annoying for writing multilingual documents. The code below will allow me write Hebrew using Emacs keystrokes seamlessly and no need to bother with switching languages back and forth to use these keystrokes:

(set-fontset-font "fontset-default" 'hebrew "SBL BibLit-14" nil) 

(defun hebrew-input-font ()
  "Change the `set-input-method` to Hebrew and select another font assigned to \C-\c h."
  (set-input-method "hebrew-biblical-tiro"))
(bind-key "<f2> h" 'hebrew-input-font)

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