#StackBounty: #java #html #jsp #user-interface #frameworks How to add additional functionality to a data table in an HTML web page?

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I have a large web project (Java/JSP/HTML) that has several data tables that need to be updated to have additional functionality.

Is there a framework/tool that will integrate cleanly into the existing project (i.e. I want to minimize the amount of work that needs to be done to achieve this cleanly) that supports all of the following?

  • Sorting (including sorting from data still on the server, i.e. across
    multiple pages)
  • Paging (including refreshing data from the server,
    i.e. ability to load each page from the server one at a time)
  • Resizable columns
  • Contained in a scrollable window (i.e. with and height can be fixed to a size smaller than the table and the user can scroll vertically and horizontally to see all of the data in the current page, bonus points if the headers are frozen and always appear)
  • Drag and drop to reorder columns
  • Easy to use/implement/integrate with existing

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