#StackBounty: #linux #ubuntu #boot #installation #bios Ubuntu(Or any other linux distro) stuck on retrieving clocksource

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The past few days I have been trying to install linux on my laptop(Asus UX430) with no luck. I have tried elementaryOs,PopOS,Manjaro and Ubuntu but they all gave me the same error:
my problem

The things that I already have tried:

  1. Using different kernelparameters like noapic clocksource=... nomodeset compress=gzip
  2. Changing My BIOS(SATA is already set to AHCI, Secure boot and fast boot are disabled and I turned of everything that could be a problem(fingerprint scan etc).
  3. Booting in safe mode, or live mode(same error).
  4. Trying GRUB parameters like setting resolution, compression algorithms.
  5. Upgrading BIOS
  6. Using older versions of ubuntu

I have no clue what to do given that I have the feeling I tried all provided solutions on ubuntu forums and stack overflow. Is there any way to fix this? If you need more info just tell me.

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