#StackBounty: #goals If I wish something in someone's presence, will it lessen chances of achieving what I wished for?

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In context of the research (reference) by Gollwitzer, that was of When intentions go public, which states that: saying your goal publicly will reduce our efforts to do it,

I want to ask: does wishing or any weak commitment in front of others, will it harm the efforts we make to achieve our goals?

Please consider this example:

For example, if I said to my friends:

"I wish I could run 100m in morning..."

Does wishing for others:

"I wish you could run 200m in morning..."

Will have the same impacts? could these also ruin our efforts towards our goals?

I think that:

  1. The degree to which our goal realization is ruined is less than that of straightforward saying,

  2. The wish made for others will cause no harm in my goal realization, as wishing others is not the same as announcing our goals.

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