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I’m learning how to fence pacemaker using fence_virtualbox from [ClusterLabs] Fence agent for VirtualBox, but I can’t get it working. When I try to run stonith_admin –-reboot <node id> it failed.

Currently, my setup is:

Node ID:        VM name:
orcllinux1      OL7
orcllinux2      OL7_2

I set it up using:

pcs stonith create fence_vbox fence_virtualbox pcmk_host_map=”orcllinux1:OL7,orcllinux2:OL7_2” pcmk_host_list=”orcllinux1,orcllinux2” pcmk_host_check=static_list ipaddr=”” login=”root”

But stonith_admin –-reboot <node id> resulting in this error:

I tried to use the fence_virtualbox manually using:

fence_virtualbox -s -p OL7 -o=reboot

and it succeeded.

Is my stonith create syntax wrong? What’s the right syntax if it’s wrong?

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