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the completion system for tar command is quite clever. When I have different archive types, it offers the relevant files depending on tar options used:

$ ls

$ tar xJf f<TAB>

$ tar xzf f<TAB>

It recognizes xJf as acting on tar.xz files, and xzf acting on tar.gz files.

But when directory exists in current location, it offers it for completion as well :

$ tar xJf f<TAB>
foo/   file.tar.xz

Can I tell the completion system, that I only want to complete files, when extracting archives (ie, tar option x...) ?

But it should still offer directories when creating archives (tar option c...):

tar cpJf foo.tar.xz 

I assume this will need modifying the main completion file for tar command: /usr/share/zsh/functions/Completion/Unix/_tar. But how?

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