#StackBounty: #debian #iis #vpn #apache2 #curl Issue with api request from linux

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I have issue with http bearer auth json post to api.

Used apps or and php methods

  • wget
  • console curl
  • php curl
  • file get contents

Sucessfull scenarios – post request

  1. Computer connected to same network as server.
  • request from wsl1 Debian
  • request from xammp php curl
  • request with empty json payload or payload only with id from:
    • virtual box Debian
    • wsl2 Debian
    • server
  • request with form encoded payload from all typem of connections
  1. Computer connected to vpn
  • request from xammp php curl
  • request from virtual box Debian with vpn connection
  • request from wsl1 and wsl2 Debian

Sucessfull scenarios – get request

All typem of connections

Fail scenarios

  1. Computer connected to same network as server
  • request from server with complete payload
  • request from virtual box Debian with full payload
  • request from wsl2 Debian with full payload

Fail symptoms

Sucessfull handshake and http post request. Response from server about window scalling. Eny response after first ack tcp request from server. Few retransmissions and api close connection

Api configuration

  • iis 8.5
  • ASP.net
  • http 1.1
  • auth bearer
  • encoding chunked

Client configuration

  • windows, Apache, php 7.0 – all types of connections work
  • Debian 9, curl – connections work only from a other network or by vpn

Any suggestions?

Edit 1

I have made some screenshots from wireshark. All machines are in same netwrok as tested server – not api.



Edit 2

I have done some research and i discovered that it does not work also from other hosting provider. FreeBSD os and console curl. Maybe that information will be helpfull.

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