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I am trying to run my tests in parallel, and I have a use-case different from all others that I have been able to find.

My tests are laid out pretty straight-forward, something like the following:

| +-SomeStory.java
| +-AnotherStory.java
| ...
| +-DifferentStory.java
| +-OtherStory.java
| ...

The tests are written using , which is a warpper for , and the test manager is .

Each "area" represents some discreet area of the application under test. Tests within one area cannot run in parallel as they would clobber the data they are using. However, tests between different areas can certainly run in parallel as there are no collisions.

I tried to configure my according to the documentation. Using parallel=suites and any one of threadCount=4, threadCountSuites=4, or useUnlimitedThreads=true, results in only one test being run at a time.

Is my understanding of "suites" wrong in the context of Failsafe plugin? Is it possible to parallelize tests so that the packages run in parallel, but classes within one package run sequentially?

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