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I just picked up a new M1 MacBook Air with Big Sur, and I imported all of my text expansions (found in system preferences > keyboard > text). I installed the version of Chrome designed for Apple Silicon.

Now, in Chrome (and Chrome Canary) for the M1 Mac, I noticed that if Edit > Substitutions > Text Replacement is enabled, if I type too quickly, Chrome will automatically replace the text of my shortcut characters with the full replacement, rather than replacing it when I hit the spacebar (which gives me a chance to hit escape to cancel).

As a result, I’m getting a lot of funky spellings when I type.

Example: tho -> though = thoughugh (when I type the "tho" part too fast, as in anything less than 1 second)

Outside of Chrome, this does not seem to be an issue.

I would like to change the timeout/duration or disable the automatic replacement in Chrome without disabling the ability to trigger the text replacement using the spacebar.

Thoughughts? Er, I mean, thoughts? 🙂

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