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I have a Windows Server which has my dev website on it and can be accessed via IP or server name http://servername on the actual server or http://servername.org.com on my home PC which is connecting to the same network via VPN.

I’ve created an additional site on my IIS test1 which uses the same port as my default. Unassigned IP address and with the host name test1.com. Within my hosts file, I have also added: test1.com

On my actual server which I connect to via RDP, I can access this second website via the the URL of test1.com on a web browser and it works fine but when I do the same on my home PC, it does not work even though I’m connected to the same network via VPN. I’ve tried out different combinations of the URL such as http://servername.org.com./test1.com to no avail.

What would I need to do to accomplish this? Also, just a tag on question to this. Say my default website is version 1 of that website and I want to create version 2. What would be the best approach to managing this on my server?

  1. http://servername.org.com/v1/index.html for version 1 and the same for v2 but different directory.
  2. Or create a new website on my IIS per iteration so http://servername-v1.org.com and http://servername-v2.org.com

Or does it not really matter? Those different versions would just be dev versions. I currently do it the number 1 way but wondered if there was an actual proper way of doing this.

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