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so my perfectly fine windows game bar was recording my game and suddenly just stops. . .
all it says is ‘ ‘(yep you guessed it, nothing at all. I’m totally in the dark). . .
when I press windows + G game bar opens fine but when I hover over the record icon all it says is that we can’t record right now. please try later. I tried fixing it, resetting it and even re-installing it again but it didn’t work. pleas help me guys.
I am on a lenovo G50-80 intel i3 5th gen; Windows 10 home. I have been all over the internet in search of this to no avail. I uninstalled game bar by this method the get-appxpackage remove appx package command. and I reinstalled game bar from Microsoft store
I searched all over google, but I could not find ANYTHING that solves my issue.

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