#StackBounty: #error-log #compile Can't cross compile for windows from ubuntu

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Every time I compile the code from the github page release-v17 I get an error about

./google/protobuf/stubs/mutex.h:51:17: error: ‘mu_’ was not declared in this scope

./google/protobuf/stubs/mutex.h: In member function ‘void google::protobuf::internal::WrappedMutex::Unlock()’:
./google/protobuf/stubs/mutex.h:52:19: error: ‘mu_’ was not declared in this scope

and I can’t figure out how to fix it.

I’ve installed every dependency but when I did the part in the github where it says ubuntu/debian gtest application only includes headers and not libraries, I did that part and it says it cant find libg* so i moved the files from lib/ to the /usr/lib folder if you need to know that.

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