#StackBounty: #windows #laptop #freeze Dell Laptop partially freezes sometimes, audio and double key press stops working

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As the title suggests, the laptop partially freezes randomly. By partially freezes, I mean that some functionality stops or glitches. The glitches I have identified so far are:

  1. audio stops working
  2. most importantly, multiple key-presses do not work. i.e. if I press any key twice, only one of them is registered, the next keypress is ignored. Other keys would respond, but the same key does not.
  3. on trying to shut it down, it goes to the purple shutdown page (the standard ubuntu shutdown screen), and is stuck there indefinitely.
  4. On unplugging my charger, the system stops and powers down immediately. (My battery is very poor, so I have to leave my laptop plugged in always, battery lasts for about 5-10 mins max)

The system continues working in this glitchy manner until I unplug the charger.

I’m not entirely convinced that this is an OS issue, since I have encountered this on Windows and Ubuntu, and occasionally even on the grub menu on powering on (multiple down arrow to navigate to a different OS does not work sometimes)

Also, completely formatted my hard drive recently, installing only windows. Encountered this problem in the fresh setup as well.

There is no fixed time period after which this glitch occurs, it is completely random, and I cannot really identify any trigger as well.

Is this a fairly common problem, has anyone come across this? Any solutions? Not entirely sure, but it seems to be a hardware issue. But don’t know which hardware is causing this issue, if it is a hardware one. How can I diagnose this issue further?

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