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I created a GitHub site last September using a Windows 10 laptop. Since then I have created five repositories. Google has never been able to locate any of them. A week ago I created a GitHub Page for the main repo but Google has not been able to locate it yet either. Microsoft Edge/Bing can locate the repository.

I provided links to the main repo and its GitHub Page in this post. Then harrymc suggested in a comment that I change the name of the repo. I have done that.

The original links (which might not work anymore) were:



Today I recreated the repo and GitHub Page after harrymc’s comment to:



and renamed the original repo and GitHub Page to:



For months I tried adding a Google Site Verification file
downloaded from Google Search Console and pushed to the main repo of interest.


Mostly I tried using the original url for the main branch of the GitHub tutorial repo in Google Search Console (under URL prefix). The original link, which might not work anymore after following harrymc’s suggestion today, was:


The new URL’s as of this morning are:




Google Search Console returned this error message when I clicked the Verify button after uploading the verification file to the main branch of my original GitHub tutorial repo. I have not tried this process after creating the new repo with the shorter name and renaming the original repo this morning:

Verification method:
HTML file

Failure reason:
Your verification file has the wrong content. Are you using the verification file that you downloaded here?

Please fix your implementation and reverify, or use another verification method.

The content of the Google Site Verification file is:

 google-site-verification: google229f9162496d16ab.html

I have done everything I can think of to resolve this issue including working through ~15 hours of video in multiple Git and Github courses on Udemy, watching YouTube videos, searching the internet and adding a link to my GitHub repository multiple places on the internet including my Stack Exchange profile.

Answers to this StackOverflow post seem to be to try using Google Search Console and the question has been closed. That approach is not working for me as described above:


I also have looked at a similar post on GitHub Community:


and asked for help myself on that forum.

Thank you for any suggestions and assistance 1.) enabling Google to find and list my GitHub repos and/or my GitHub Page in search results and 2.) verifying my GitHub repository.

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