#StackBounty: #crash-reports #google-breakpad Get faulting module name and exception address

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For Windows, Win32 API EXCEPTION_POINTERS is passed into Google-Breakpad‘s MinidumpCallback, so one can easily get this information. For example:

 SIZE_T nSize = VirtualQuery (exinfo->ExceptionRecord->ExceptionAddress, &mbi, sizeof(mbi));
 if (nSize)
      auto crashAddress = (DWORD_PTR)exinfo->ExceptionRecord->ExceptionAddress - (DWORD_PTR)mbi.AllocationBase;
      WCHAR szModule[MAX_PATH] = L"";
      GetModuleFileName((HMODULE)mbi.AllocationBase, szModule, _countof(szModule));

Is it possible to do this for macOS and Linux?

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