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I am using AMSRefs to format my references, and I’ve noticed that the space between the last full stop and the subsequent review entry is usually absent. Here’s an MCVE:




    author={First Author},
    author={Second Author},
    title={Title of the paper},
    journal={Journal of interesting results},
    pages={8ndash 11},
    review={Zbl 0123.45678},



Screenshot showing the lack of space between the last full stop and the first review entry.

If I use the command MR provided by the package to format the Mathematical Reviews entries as review={MR{12345}}, etc., then a sentence space is added before each review entry. So, the spacing between first and second review entries now looks weird, especially in comparison with the spacing between the second and third entries.

Screenshot showing the sentence spaces added when the MR command is used.

Question: How can I get the spacing to be right?

I have found the following in my (limited) research, which may or may not be helpful.

Firstly, in the FAQ, the usage of the MR command to adjust the spacing between the period and the review number is insisted:

  1. When I put

    review={MR0113214 (22 #4052)},

    in a bib, there is no space between the review number and the preceding period in the printed output.

    You must use the MR macro to mark MR reviews:

    review={MR{0113214 (22 #4052)}},

    This will ensure the spacing is correct and also allow you to use the msc-links option.

However, this is inconvenient for the reasons described in the MCVE, namely:

  1. multiple MR reviews (a rare situation, but not impossible) are spaced incorrectly;
  2. reviews other than MR reviews, such as Zbl (Zentralblatt) and JFM (Jahrbuch) reviews, cannot be typeset properly.

Secondly, I noticed that redefining BibSpec{article} so that the command SentenceSpace is removed from the style specification of the review entry fixes the spacing between the final period and the first review entry so long as the MR command is not used for markup. The reason for this is not entirely clear to me, though; looking at the documented source, the command SentenceSpace is defined as:

2789 newcommand{SentenceSpace}{relaxifhmodespacefactor`. fi}

Finally, I tried looking at the definition of the MR command, but I couldn’t get anything fruitful. In case it helps, here are the relevant definitions from the documented source:

2643 defstrip@MRprefix#1#2#3#4@nil{%
2644     def@tempa{#1#2#3#4}%
2645     if#1M%
2646         if#2R%
2647             def@tempa{#3#4}%
2648         fi
2649     fi
2650 }

2651 defMR#1{%
2652     relaxifhmodeunskipspacefactor3000 spacefi
2653     begingroup
2654         strip@MRprefix#1@nil
2655         edef@tempa{MR@nxMRhref{@tempa}{@tempa}}%
2656     @xpendgroup
2657     @tempa
2658 }

2659 providecommand{MRhref}[2]{#1}


2904 IfOption{msc-links}{%
2905     @ifundefined{href}{}{%
2906         defparse@MR#1 (#2)#3@nil{%
2907             defMR@url{http://www.ams.org/mathscinet-getitem?mr=#1}%
2908             def@tempd{#1}%
2909             def@tempe{#2}%
2910         }%
2911         defMRhref#1#2{%
2912             begingroup
2913                 parse@MR#1 ()@empty@nil%
2914                 href{MR@url}{@tempdvphantom{()}}%
2915                 ifx@tempe@empty
2916                 else
2917                      href{MR@url}{(@tempe)}%
2918                 fi
2919             endgroup
2920         }%
2921     }{}
2922 }{}

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