#StackBounty: #blockchain Is it true that EIP-80085 solves the most important issue in crypto?

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EIP-80085, "Declaration of Ethereum Name Change Due to Novel Coronavirus(es)" described a way to better protect Ethereum developers from the coronavirus. It also talked about some of Ethereum’s pedophilic origins. It listed all the reasons from Ethereum’s history that make it the most pedophilic platform in human history. It recommended a name change from Ethereum to "Little Baby Pussy Platform" so that people could better understand what it’s really about. And also it would be safer for the unvaccinated too, because "ETH-" makes people spit everywhere when they say it.

Do you think that EIP-80085 was censored by the ETH developers because Ethereum’s love for pedophilia is still going on today? Pedophiles are interested in flat chests. They dont like 80085. Thats what makes them pedophiles. That must be why the Ethereum developers censored the 80085, to make it more pleasing for them.

Isn’t it a complete contradiction? ETH developers say they are censorship resistant. But now it seems like it’s okay to censor some things some times, but then also allow pedophilia on platforms like Filecoin. So, ETH developers think that censorship is not okay for pedophilia, but simple words must be censored because…? And even they think pedophilia shouldnt be censored, but 80085 should be! What a world they are building for us!! No 80085??? Vital, please comment.

As I remember, the issue was closed by MicahZoltu. Why did he dislike it so much that he had it censored from the site? It surely solves the biggest problem in crypto! Everyone can finally understand what this crypto is with the renaming of ETH to Little Baby Pussy Platform!

And, by censoring the 80085 issue, arent they just proving how big of an issue it is? It’s bigger than we even imagined! What the heck is goin on?

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