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I am trying to connect to external IP address but I am behind company firewall, so I need to connect over the proxy.

I run a test with curl:

curl -v https://IP_ADDRESS_OF_EXTERNAL_CLIENT:6125 -x http://MyComparyProxyAddress.com:8080 -U MYUSERNAME:MYPASSWORD

but I am failing to replicate aforementioned cUrl command in C#:

private static Socket CreateTunnelThruProxy(string destIP, int destPort)
            string destUriWithPort = $"{destIP}:{destPort}";
            UriBuilder uriBuilder = new UriBuilder(destUriWithPort);
            Uri destUri = uriBuilder.Uri;

            var proxy = new WebProxy("http://MyComparyProxyAddress.com", 8080);
            proxy.UseDefaultCredentials = false;
            proxy.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("MYUSERNAME", "MYPASSWORD");
            WebRequest.DefaultWebProxy = proxy;

            IWebProxy webProxy = WebRequest.DefaultWebProxy;

                if (webProxy.IsBypassed(destUri))
                    return null;
            catch (PlatformNotSupportedException)
                // .NET Core doesn't support IWebProxy.IsBypassed
                // (because .NET Core doesn't have access to Windows-specific services, of course)
                return null;

            Uri proxyUri = webProxy.GetProxy(destUri);
            if (proxyUri == null)
                return null;

            IPAddress[] proxyEntry = Dns.GetHostAddresses(proxyUri.Host);
            int iPort = proxyUri.Port;
            IPAddress address = proxyEntry.First(a => a.AddressFamily == AddressFamily.InterNetwork);
            IPEndPoint proxyEndPoint = new IPEndPoint(address, iPort);
            Socket socketThruProxy = new Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp);

            string proxyMsg = $"CONNECT {destIP}:{destPort} HTTP/1.1 nn";
            byte[] buffer = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(proxyMsg);
            byte[] buffer12 = new byte[50000];
            socketThruProxy.Send(buffer, buffer.Length, 0);
            int msg = socketThruProxy.Receive(buffer12, 50000, 0);
            string data;
            data = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(buffer12);
            int index = data.IndexOf("200");

            if (index < 0)
                throw new ApplicationException(
                    $"Connection failed to {destUriWithPort} through proxy server {proxyUri.ToString()}.");

            return socketThruProxy;

I keep getting following information from my company proxy:

HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication Required
Proxy-Authenticate: NEGOTIATE
Proxy-Authenticate: NTLM
Proxy-Authenticate: BASIC realm="ztb"
Cache-Control: no-cache
Pragma: no-cache
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
Proxy-Connection: close
Connection: close
Content-Length: 797

<TITLE>Access Denied</TITLE>
<body bgcolor="#FFFFEA">
<TABLE border=0 cellPadding=1 width="80%">
<FONT face="Verdana">
<big>Access Denied (authentication_failed)</big>
<FONT face="Verdana">
Your credentials could not be authenticated: "Credentials are missing.". You will not be permitted access until your credentials can be verified.
<FONT face="Verdana">
This is typically caused by an incorrect username and/or password, but could also be caused by network problems.
<FONT face="Verdana" SIZE=2>
For assistance, contact your Tech Desk . PXFFM25

I can clearly see that webProxy object contains credentials set by me, the same credentials that are working with cUrl.

Also I am getting the same error when trying simply calling:

IWebProxy webProxy = WebRequest.GetSystemWebProxy();

instead of setting credentials manually, as per code snippet above. So it looks like my credentials are not taken into account….

Any ideas ?

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