#StackBounty: #arrows #xy-pic #commutative-diagrams #intersections #xymatrix Crossing over method with xy package for one or more arrows

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Related on this question, considering the original image,

enter image description here

adding my MWE:

& b' ar@{~>}[ddl]|hole ar[dr] & \
c' ar@{~>}[d] ar[ur]  & & ar@{~>}[ll] a' ar@{~>}[ddl]|hole\
a ar[rr] ar[dr]& & car[uul]|hole ar[u] \
& b ar[ur] ar[uul]|hole &

enter image description here

I am not able with xy package to hide, through the crossing over method, the same vector as in the initial figure. What is the optimal solution?

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