#StackBounty: #solidity #signature #ecrecover Cannot verifiy a signature produced by Ledger in Solidity using ecrecover

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I used a smart contract to verify signatures:

function verify(string memory _msg, bytes memory _sig) public pure returns (address) {
    bytes memory _msgHex = bytes(_msg);
    bytes32 prefixedHash = keccak256(abi.encodePacked("x19Ethereum Signed Message:n", uint2str(_msgHex.length), _msgHex));
    (bytes32 _r, bytes32 _s, uint8 _v) = splitSignature(_sig);
    address signer = ecrecover(prefixedHash, _v, _r, _s);
    return signer;

function splitSignature(bytes memory sig) internal pure returns (bytes32 r, bytes32 s, uint8 v) {
    require(sig.length == 65, "invalid signature length");
    assembly {
        r := mload(add(sig, 32))
        s := mload(add(sig, 64))
        v := byte(0, mload(add(sig, 96)))

The function uint2str body is not important. It converts for example 438 to "438".

The main function verify returns signer address depending on message and signature values.

This works good for all signatures, but for a specific signature it returns 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 for whatever message that is given to it.

This special signature is:


But MEW verifies this signature without any problem.

Can anyone suggest a way to verify this signature?

P.S: This signature is produced by Ledger wallet.

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