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I want to design a shiny app that allow the users to save their inputs in the local storage, which means when the users reopen the tool with their web browsers, the tool reload the values last time the users provide. This is mainly achieved by the shinyStore package.

Below is an example. So far I can use the shinyStore to restore any shiny input widget, such as textInput. However, I now want to also restore the edited values in a datatable from the DT package.

I know the information of the edited values are in the input$DT_out_cell_edit, but it is not a single value, so the updateStore function would not work. I thought about using dataTableProxy and replaceData from the DT package, but they cannot keep values from the last time when the app runs. Finally, I tried to set stateSave = TRUE as in this example, but it cannot document the edited values.

If possible, please let me know if you have any ideas. If it is not possible, please also let me know.


ui <- fluidPage(
  headerPanel("shinyStore Example"),
    sidebarPanel = sidebarPanel(
      initStore("store", "shinyStore-ex1"),
      # A button to save current input to local storage
      actionButton("save", "Save", icon("save")),
      # A button to clear the input values and local storage
      actionButton("clear", "Clear", icon("stop"))
    mainPanel = mainPanel(
        textInput(inputId = "text1", label = "A text input", value = ""),
        DTOutput(outputId = "DT_out")

server <- function(input, output, session) {
  output$DT_out <- renderDT(
      selection = "none", editable = TRUE,
      options = list(
        stateSave = TRUE
  # Update the input with local storage when the app runs
    if (input$save <= 0){
      updateTextInput(session, inputId = "text1", value = isolate(input$store)[["text1"]])
    updateStore(session, name = "text1", isolate(input$text1))
  # Clear the local storage
    if (input$clear > 0){
      updateTextInput(session, inputId = "text1", value = "")
      updateStore(session, name = "text1", value = "")

shinyApp(ui, server)

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