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I’ve used Nomachine for years to connect my 2 Linux laptops. The client machine A has always connected to an existing X session in the server machine B displaying it in both A and B. However, lately it always creates a new session on B while showing it on A only. To my knowledge, I haven’t done (installed, removed, changed, etc.) anything to deserve this.

Upon connecting, I lately also sometimes get warnings either about a keyring or not being allowed to control network, so I suspect a polkit issue. If I open a web browser in the B session displayed only in A, the browser opens only in the existing X session on B (this is the only way I can interact w/ the X session there). So it seems that something’s preventing me from accessing the web over Nomachine, creating a new webless X session instead.

What I’ve done

To get rid of the keyring nag:

mv /home/j/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring /home/j/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring.bak

To ensure network control:

  • created /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/50-allow-network-manager.pkla:
[Network Manager all Users]

(tried also versions w/ ResultAny=no and ResultInactive=no)

  • commented out the following value of allow_any of
<action id="org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.network-control">
<_description>Allow control of network connections</_description>
<_message>System policy prevents control of network connections</_message>

(this is a message I sometimes got) in /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.policy:

<!--      <allow_any>auth_admin</allow_any>-->

This has suppressed the "System policy prevents control of network connections" messages and temporarily fixed the keyring nag (login.keyring gets re-created and sometimes fires the nag again) but hasn’t enabled me to connect to an existing X session on B. Needless to say, I’ve rebooted both machines many times. Any ideas on how to proceed?

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