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I don’t have much experience with the newer versions of Windows, and I’m having trouble doing something that I remember used to be possible in Windows 7.

When a program is installed, it was possible to set it as the default for every file type it supported by navigating to one button. For example, if we wanted to set Word to open all files it supports we click this:
In Windows 10, that doesn’t work for two reasons:

  • The settings are fragmented across two different applications. Navigating there in the control panel opens a different settings app.
  • The new settings app is clunky. The "Set defaults by app" page does not allow someone to set all defaults at once and requires setting each file type one by one.

There must be a way to do what was possible before. Is there a solution, preferably one that doesn’t involve navigating through some GUI?

Any solution is acceptable: registry hack, shell script, even a third-party tool. This is important because when there are hundreds of extensions to set, the existing UI is a non-starter.

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