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I’ve recently switched from Thunderbird to Outlook due to corporate mandate, and it’s mostly gone well. The most important capability I had with Thunderbird is the one thing that’s missing on Outlook, the ability to filter the current mailbox based on the currently highlighted email message. I did this in Thunderbird via a plug-in called Nostalgy, which is mainly used for storing messages but also had this great little capability: with a message selected, I can hit a key combo and filter the current mailbox by the subject, hit it again and filter by the sender, instead, and hit is again to clear it (I may have the order incorrect, but you get the idea). I get hundreds of emails a day, and it really helped me to manage it all.

Does anything like this exist for Outlook? I’m willing to shell out $$ for a plugin, if necessary. I can do it via built-in capabilities, but it requires using the mouse and typing a lot — a far cry from hitting a single key.


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