#StackBounty: #ansible lineinfile is skipped if one of the task failed

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This is my playbook:

- hosts: all
  gather_facts: no
  ignore_unreachable: true

  - command: "{{ item }}"
      - "ls" 
      - "df -h"
    register: files
    ignore_errors: true
  - name: delegate
    command: ls
    register: files2
    delegate_to: "{{item}}"
    ignore_errors: true
      - "{{groups['test_servers1']}}"
  - lineinfile:
      line: "{{ item.stdout }}"
      path: /tmp/list.log
      create: yes
      - item.changed is defined
      - item.changed
    loop: "{{ files.results + 

Using this inventory:


TASK [command] **************************************************************************************************
changed: [] => (item=ls)
changed: [] => (item=df -h)

TASK [delegate] **************************************************************************************************
fatal: []: FAILED! => {"msg": "'dict object' has no attribute 'test_servers1'"}
TASK [lineinfile] **************************************************************************************************
skipping: []

Using this inventory:


TASK [command] *************************************************************************************************
changed: [] => (item=ls)
changed: [] => (item=df -h)

TASK [delegate] *************************************************************************************************

TASK [debug] *************************************************************************************************
ok: [] => {
    "files2": {
        "changed": false,
        "results": [],
        "skipped": true,
        "skipped_reason": "No items in the list"

TASK [lineinfile] ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
changed: [] => (item={'start': '2021-07-18 02:11:13.080046', 'stderr': '', 'rc': 0, 'invocation': {'module_args': {'_raw_par..........

Question 1:
Since the inventory in the first test doesn’t contain test_servers1 group, the task is ignored. But why is lineinfile skipped even though file contains results?

Question 2:
In TEST2, my delegate task contains only one command i.e., ls why has file2 results? As per my knowledge when looping through multiple commands only register variable contains results.

Question 3:
Is it possible to check if files2 contains results in the lineinfile module, and if yes to check if files2.results is not empty then only loop through it, but skip it otherwise?

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