#StackBounty: #windows #nas #streaming #cache #smb Write cache on local Windows 10 machine for asynchronous transfer to NAS?

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I have an application that generates a stream of data as a single file. The amount of generated data is variable, but in average wouldn’t nearly saturate my network or NAS speeds. However, there can be peaks for a few seconds that totally go above what’s possible.

I don’t have control over the application’s behavior, which is just dropping data if the transfer can’t keep up. If I generate the data stream onto my local SSD or even HDD, which is way slower than my NAS, everything is fine. I guess the latter one results from Windows’ behavior of internally caching write operations in RAM. Is there some way to get this enabled for write operations on my NAS, too? Or are there other solutions available that would be able to solve this problem?

Also the whole data stream wouldn’t fit on my SSD or even HDD, so just dumping it there and copying or syncing it later/asynchronous isn’t an option for me. Ideally, if at all, I’d just want the non-synced portion of the file to reside somewhere on my local machine.

I am using Windows 10 Pro on my local machine. The NAS is a DS220+ and mounted via SMB.

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