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Here the requirement is just to check if any key was pressed or any mouse click or movement has happened. Capturing other specific details is not required.
I am fine to do every 1 second polling as well to see if any mouse or key event happened.

Will QAbstractNativeEventFilter be of any help?
Any other platform independent C++ library also will be useful.

Below is a sample code to capture mouse & keyboard events only when the app is in focus:


struct Widget : public QWidget
  Widget ()
  ~Widget () { qDebug() << "~Event()"; }

  bool eventFilter (QObject* const pObject,
                    QEvent* const pEvent) override
    qDebug() << "Event: " << pEvent->type();
    if(pEvent->type() == QEvent::KeyPress)
      QKeyEvent* const pKeyEvent = static_cast<QKeyEvent*>(pEvent);
      qDebug() << "Key event: " << pKeyEvent->key();
    return false; //QObject::eventFilter(pObject, pEvent);

int main (int argc, char *argv[])
  QApplication application(argc, argv);
  Widget widget;
  return application.exec();

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