#StackBounty: #c #linux #linux-kernel #epoll #manpage Will an epoll be woken up on EPOLLERR/EPOLLHUP if no other flags are provided?

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I want to add a file descriptor to an existing epoll instance but not have it wake up yet. Specifically, I would like to make sure that EPOLLERR and EPOLLHUP are not raised. I am using EPOLLONESHOT to wake up a single thread at a time, then EPOLL_CTL_MOD to re-arm once I’m done processing the events.

(My motivation is to use the same code path for handling a wakeup and creating a new socket: both of them could finish by calling epoll_ctl with EPOLL_CTL_MOD to re-arm the event. However, I don’t want a spurious thread wakeup if an error occurs in the socket before the EPOLL_CTL_MOD).

According to the manpage, that is not possible. Both EPOLLERR and EPOLLHUP claim that:

epoll_wait(2) will always wait for this event; it is not necessary to set it in events when calling epoll_ctl().

However, after reviewing eventpoll.c in the Linux source tree, it looks like if no "public" events bits are set, the wakeup is suppressed. (Block comments in the original; line comments are my notes.)

/* Epoll private bits inside the event mask */

// ...snip...

// Inside the callback function that fires on epoll wakeup:

     * If the event mask does not contain any poll(2) event, we consider the
     * descriptor to be disabled. This condition is likely the effect of the
     * EPOLLONESHOT bit that disables the descriptor when an event is received,
     * until the next EPOLL_CTL_MOD will be issued.
    if (!(epi->event.events & ~EP_PRIVATE_BITS))
        goto out_unlock; // Exits the callback without waking userspace

Two concrete questions:

Is my reading of the kernel source correct that EPOLLERR/EPOLLHUP will not be triggered as long as no flags are specified apart from the four private bits?

Can I rely on this behavior that is undocumented in the man page?

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