#StackBounty: #windows-10 #networking #lan #wired-networking Slow internet, high ping/jitter on Ethernet on Windows 10 only

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My desktop PC (Windows 10) has slow internet, high ping and jitter on Ethernet.

I ran out of ideas on how to troubleshoot and fix this.

[UPDATE] This happens on this Windows 10 only (ie. software issue). It’s fine on Linux on the same machine.

The issue:

Average result using the same LAN cable / docking station:

  • On the desktop (Windows 10):
    20 Mbps / 18 Mbps, 30ms / 10ms (<– Download/Upload, Ping/Jitter)
  • On the same desktop (Ubuntu) and on other Windows 10 laptops:
    52 Mbps / 18 Mbps, 13ms / 2ms

My findings so far:

  • It is not the router or LAN cable, because the same cable achieves much higher speed and much lower ping/jitter on my other Windows 10 laptops (both directly (Ethernet port) or via docking station (USB 3), WiFi disabled to be sure).

  • It is not my docking station, because using Ethernet from the docking station on laptop (via the same USB 3 cable) is still fast, and plugging in the LAN cable directly on the PC is still slow.

  • [UPDATE] It is not the hardware, because when I try Ubuntu USB on the same machine it is fast (same speed as my laptops).

What I have tried:

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