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I know there are lots of methods of sharing now but I want to create a web page and publish it on the web but don’t want search engines to find it.I don’t even want any custom domain or any domain at all, even an IP address would work.I don’t want to pay for anything like web hosting or whatever.

What I would like to do is this:

I would give a url address like 198.67.76.xx.xx:yyyy to someone.(I don’t know how this can be achieved).They would open that url using internet and land to a page which I created and wanted them to see. Whoever has this address should be able to access whatever I have shared there. I don’t care about file size limits.If they can access only a simple page, my job would be done.

In short, I want to use some kind of primitive technology or primitive system of sharing on internet, if that’s what it is.

If this question is off-topic, please tell me where or in which community should I ask this?

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