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TL;DR: How do I reboot my keyboard input device? Or reload the drivers? Obviously, a permanent solution to this would be awesome. But I’m trying to find a way to get past this, without having to restart my computer.

On my Mac from 2019, I have mapped CapsLock to Escape (in System Settings >> Keyboard >> Modifier Keys). And I’m using it quite a lot, since I’m using Vim a lot (lots of ‘Escape’s).

But there is this wierd bug, where if I press CapsLock, then the whole system freezes for half a second.
What’s super-wierd is, that the bug isn’t there if I just press the regular Esc-key – it’s only the CapsLock-key that triggers the freeze.

It’s super-annoying, since when in my IDE (with Vim-mode), when I press CapsLock j j j (wanting to escape input-mode and go down 3 lines, then it jumps and then skips down 3 lines in one go.

I thought that it was just my IDE being wierd, but I noticed that if I put on a video on another screen, then it does that same same little ‘jump’, every time I press CapsLock (Escape).

A simple reboot of my computer does the job. I also tried reseting the NVRAM (restart and hold down CMD Option P and R), and that also fixes it (then). But it comes back on a regular basis. It started occuring 10 days ago, and has happend 4 times now.

Can I somehow restart / reset my input device, without having to restart my entire computer?
Or can I output somehow, what application/process ‘locks’/’freezes’ my computer on a certain point in time?

Other info + solution attempts

  • It occurs both on my external keyboard and on the built-in one (exactly same bug).
  • I have two offices, and it has happend on both external keyboards (in either office), so it must be some system-wide stuff.
  • I have tried quitting all applications, so it was only my IDE and my browser being open, and it still happens.
  • OS-version: 11.5.1 (Big Sur)
  • If I’m in a browser an simply scroll down. And while the browser is in motion, press the CapsLock-key, then it jerks for a second as well. This doesn’t happen if I simply click the escape-button.

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