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I am doing WS-Federation Authentication using OWIN against a ForgeRock server and when upon a request it does this middleware step to determine whether a user is authenticated, determines, no, and attempts to .Challenge:

//    IOwinContext, Func<Task>
app.Use(context, continuation) =>
   if (context.Authentication.User?.Identity?.IsAuthenticated ?? false) return continuation();
       context.Authentication.Challenge("MyAuthenticationOperationName"); // Auth InstanceName
       return Task.Delay(0);

When the .Challenge is called, it goes to the Server, the server just displays a "User Profile" page with my username/email etc (the cliams). I am expecting a return where the user is Authenticated and I can extract claims…but that is not happening.


Code based off of this answer OWIN Authentication Pipeline To Use Katana Middleware Correctly?.

Unclear whether to ask a corresponding question, but in debug mode I see multiple lines of these in the debug output where the each .js files is different:

Could not read source map for
https://{MyForgeRockServer}/sso/XUI/main.be0f90f3fb.js: Unexpected 503
response from
https://{MyForgeRockServer}/sso/XUI/main.be0f90f3fb.js.map: unable to
verify the first certificate Could not read source map for
https://{MyForgeRockServer}/sso/XUI/13.1579ea987b.js: Unexpected 503
response from
https://{MyForgeRockServer}/sso/XUI/13.1579ea987b.js.map: unable to
verify the first certificate Could not read source map for
https://{MyForgeRockServer}/sso/XUI/370.20a02fe45c.js: Unexpected 503
response from
https://{MyForgeRockServer}/sso/XUI/370.20a02fe45c.js.map: unable to
verify the first certificate …

See comment as to why this section is not to be considered related to the issue

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