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I am currently looking for a way to improve the traffic flow of an app.

Currently the user uploads his data via the app, using Google Cloud Platform as storage provider. Other users can then download this data again.

This works well so far, but since the download traffic at GCP is relatively expensive I had the idea to outsource this to a cheap web server.

Sequence diagram

The idea is that the user requests the file(s) at GCP. There it is checked if the file(s) are already on the web server. If not, the file(s) will be uploaded to the server.
At the server the files are zipped and the link is sent back to GCP, where it is emailed to the user.

TL:DR My question is, how can i zip a specific selection of files on a web server without nodejs etc. and send the link of the generated file back to GCP

I’m open for other ideas aswell

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