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I am currently setting up an UnraidOS server and have a bunch of docker images on my machine. I recently installed a docker container that pings the others based on IP and reports the uptime status. The uptime docker is connect to the bridge network, and can access ONLY the other docker containers on the bridge, not anything else on the network. What would I need to do in order to allow my uptime docker to reach other IPs?

My unraidOS server has an static IP of

Docker 1: (bridge)
Docker 2: (bridge)
Docker 3: (bridge)
Uptime Docker 4: (bridge)
Docker 5: (custom: br0)
Docker 6: (custom: br0)

My "Uptime Docker 4" is able to ping and connect to Docker 1, Docker 2, and Docker 3 as they are all on the "bridge" network time. Docker 5 and Docker 6 are both on the "custom: br0" network so that they have their own IP addresses and my "Uptime Docker 4" can’t connect to it since it is on a different network.

What would my solutions be so that Docker 5 and Docker 6 still keep their IP yet is still accessible by Uptime Docker 4?

I have another PC connect to my network with an IP of and "Uptime Docker 4" is able to ping it. It still can’t ping "Docker 5" and "Docker 6" even though those IPs are assigned just like my PC.

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