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Spring usually eagerly loading the spring security configuration while starting the application. I’m using OAuth with Spring Security

I’m maintaining a configuration table for storing the SSO related values (like jwk-url, client_id, client_secret). This values will be populated by an admin user via CRUD in the same spring boot application.

Then only the jwk-url is available to be configure in the Spring security configuration (refer below code - jwkSetUri(...)). This would not available at the application startup.

So I wanted to initialise the spring security configuration after the value is loaded into the table, like a lazy loading (@Lazy) at runtime. I know how to do Lazy loading of a regular class/service.

  1. But still I’m not sure how to invoke the configure(HttpSecurity http) method at runtime and how to p
    ass the HttpSecurity parameter. When I just try invoke new ResourceServerConfiguration() like a lazy loading at runtime, I don’t see the configure() method is called. (Or) this class needs to be maintained as bean and lazy load whenever needed. But still not sure about how to call configure() in code.
  2. Another thing is how to refresh/reload the spring security configuration at runtime, if the JWK url is changed by admin. Then only the spring security configuration can take effect of the changes.
public class ResourceServerConfiguration extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {
    public void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {
                 // Some Auth server URL which would be fetch from table
                 // Eg. http://localhost:8090/auth/realms/demo-app/protocol/openid-connect/certs

I have already referred these links. But it doesn’t help for my purpose. Any help would be appreciated.

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