#StackBounty: #android-studio Android Studio is trying to find build folder at wrong place in Mac OS while generating signed APK

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Please check:

Included file '/Users/ABC/Android' not found at /Users/ABC/Android Studio Projects /TestDemo/app/build/tmp/hmg.jar:25:10
-include /Users/ABC/Android Studio Projects /TestDemo/app/proguard-project.txt

Basically, I’m trying to generate signed APK from Android Studio, but I’m getting that above errors and it is not able to find which is exist in build/tmp. Can anyone help what change is required?


  • I checked in Disk Utility, there is no extra partition
  • This path [/Users/ABC/Android Studio Projects /TestDemo/app/build/tmp/hmg.jar] I manually verified by Going to /Volumes. And even this hmg.jar file is exist.
  • In finder – Inside Volumes – there is only Single Macintosh is there.
  • I tried to completely uninstall the project and Android Studio, and cloned again and tried, but same issue!
  • Details: Mac OS Big Sur 11.5.2

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