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The edit distance between two strings is the minimum number of single character insertions, deletions and substitutions needed to transform one string into the other.

This task is simply to write code that determines if two strings have edit distance at most 3 from each other. The twist is that your code must run in linear time. That is if the sum of the lengths of the two strings is n then your code should run in O(n) time.

Example of strings with edit distance 2.

elephant elepanto
elephant elephapntv
elephant elephapntt
elephant lephapnt
elephant blemphant
elephant lmphant
elephant velepphant

Example of strings with edit distance 3.

   elephant eletlapt
   elephant eletpaet
   elephant hephtant
   elephant leehanp
   elephant eelhethant

Examples where the edit distance is more than 3. The last number in each row is the edit distance.

elephant leowan 4
elephant leowanb 4
elephant mleowanb 4
elephant leowanb 4
elephant leolanb 4
elephant lgeolanb 5
elephant lgeodanb 5
elephant lgeodawb 6
elephant mgeodawb 6
elephant mgeodawb 6
elephant mgeodawm 6
elephant mygeodawm 7
elephant myeodawm 6
elephant myeodapwm 7
elephant myeoapwm 7
elephant myoapwm 8

You can assume the input strings have only lower case ASCII letters (a-z).

Your code should output something Truthy if the edit distance is at most 3 and Falsey otherwise.

If you are not sure if your code is linear time, try timing it with pairs of strings of increasing length where the first is all 0s and the second string is two shorter with one of the 0s changed to a 1. These all have edit distance 3. This is not a good test of correctness of course but a quadratic time solution will timeout for strings of length 100,000 or more where a linear time solution should still be fast.

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