#StackBounty: #google-tag-manager #tracking #event-tracking How to build trigger for button in form within Google Tag Manager?

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I have the following button, for which I want to create a Google Tag Manager trigger (but I seem to be unable to do so):

<div class="class-a class-b">
  <form class="class-c" action="https://www.example.com/test" method="get" onclick="window.open(this.action); return false;"> 
    <button type="submit">Open now</button>
  • Which type of trigger should I use (the auto-event variable does not
  • How would I need to configure the trigger to track a button
  • What would I need to do in order to also catch the action
    value (i.e. the URL https://www.example.com/test)? Would I need Javascript for that to bind to its submit? If so, how?

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