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To simplify data entry in the field, i.e. using tablets, I would like to create buttons in a spread sheet that will add or subtract values to or from the selected cell. Using spin buttons is not an option, as I would have to add hundreds of these buttons. This answer shows exactly what I’m looking for, i.e. a single set of floating buttons that will move relative to the selected cell.

GIF courtesy of the above mentioned answer, showing the floating red/green buttons toward the end of the animation.

Unfortunately, VBA-macros will not run in an android environment, so I need to find a solution in a StarBasic based software, e.g. LibreOffice. I’m aware that questions related to porting VBA to SB are not very popular, but my programming experience is solely limited to R and I’m at a loss on how to solve this. I’ve boiled down the VBA-code to the bare essentials:

 Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
    With ActiveSheet.CommandButton
        .Left = Target.Offset(, 2).Left
        .Top = Target.Offset(0).Top
    End With
 End Sub

Sub CommandButton_Click()
    ActiveCell.Value = ActiveCell.Value + 1
End Sub

Any help in porting, or creating a new SB-macro from scratch will be much (!) appreciated.

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