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In older versions of webpack-dev-server (i.e 3 and below), we can simply expose webpack and webpack-dev-server’s websock using ngrok tunnels by setting the value of devServer.public, as shown below:

// WDS v3
devServer: {
  public: 'react-tunnel.ngrok.io',
  // other webpack devServer config

This is particularly useful in developing apps in frameworks like React, as we can create a secure tunnel from the local machine, to a public URL to allow the web application to be easily tested.

However, in the latest versions of webpack-dev-server (v4), the public property has been replaced in favour client.webSocketURL object (source). I am unable to find any resources to make this work with ngrok, as the websockets are not properly connected when I point the devServer.client.webSocketURL.hostname to my ngrok tunnel.

// WDS v4

devServer: {
  client: {
    webSocketURL: {
      hostname: 'react-tunnel.ngrok.io',

The above implementation is only a partial solution, as the websocket was not properly set up, thus it does not hot-reload.

Does anyone know what is the solution to this, such that ngrok will once again work well with webpack-dev-server?

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