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We are hosting S3 public assets (images) under a local path using a reverse proxy from NGINX to S3.

We have noticed periodic errors in our logs (400 errors) which are very infrequent, but are causing issues for visitors. We can tell these are AWS errors since the content type returned is application/xml. Loading these same assets right after the logged error returns the correct response.

I’ve enabled logging on my relevant S3 buckets, but upon inspecting the logs I do not see any 400 errors listed during the timeframes the errors occured.

  • Would AWS throttle our requests since they are coming from one IP (through the NGINX reverse proxy)?
  • What types of 400 statuses would S3 return for public objects that are valid?
  • Is there another place in the AWS console that would display these 400 errors so we could investigate?

Updated specific example case:

Example of our asset local path:

Public S3 URL:

Example of the NGINX log during logged error:

response_content_type: application/xml

status: 400

content_length: 355 bytes

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